Enema Yokubou Pandora 3

Enema Yokubou Pandora 3

Then a week later I was around my friends John’s house, playing on his computer, when his brother Stewart came home he went on his computer, after a few minutes we could hear him whistling and cheering, taking a peek around his door we were shocked to see he was looking at a porn sight, not just any site, it was a pay to view, we found this out later, we could see a female dancing about and lifting up her tits, Stewart heard us and told us to come and have a look, sitting beside him we looked at the screen, the female was young, blond hair, “Look at her tit’s, aren’t they just the best you’ve ever seem, and her nipples, I would give my right arm to suck on her nipples” Stewart said to the room, we watched her dancing about for a minute or so, all the time not showing her face, then she sat on her bed and then I saw her, it was Emma, I gasped, thinking I was struck with her beauty, Stewart said “I know, how would you like that as a sister and get to see it first hand” looking at the screen I didn’t answer, I watched as she pulled her legs back, very slowly she slipped her knickers down and tossed them out of shot, she held her hand over her vagina, Stewart was saying “Come on baby, move your hand, show me your pussy, come on baby, do it” I looked to my friend, his eyes were as wide as mine, this was the first female we had seen this way. It’s now half nine at night and now I’m being pestered by my 12 year old daughter, Vivian, to take her to bed, Emma has shrugged her shoulders telling me she doesn’t mind me fucking our girls.

Hentai: [Hizuki Akira] Yokubou Pandora 3 (COMIC ExE 10) [English] [XuN, No Group Scanlation] [Digital]

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[緋月アキラ]欲望パンドラ 3(コミック エグゼ 10) [英訳] [DL版]

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